Monday, March 29, 2010

Thing I've Learned #68: Either Time Flies, Or I Stepped Through a Wormhole

Has it really been two months? Shame on me. So here's a quick update: I can't remember too much of what happened in February, except that it was cold all the time and I got Kali. :) She's got some attitude problems and major ADHD, but she'll jump literally anything you throw in front of her, so I'm not complaining. March has been relatively boring. Took the SAT, which must be illegal somewhere. Four hours of testing? Good god. Went on a field trip to a renaissance faire, which classifies my english teachers as the best teachers ever. And now it's spring break, and only barely warm enough for a tank top. Florida, what is WRONG with you?! And all through this time I have been reading. I think my count on contraband books is up to eleven now, and for the record, False Colors is still my favorite.

How about a random fact of the day?! The average thread count for Egyptian royalty in the 18th dynasty was 83. Am I a nerd or what? I dare you to find a use for that fact today. :)

So today I'm off to look at Rollins College. Which frankly is a waste of my time, because my number one criteria for colleges is NOT IN FLORIDA. But my parents insist, so I must comply. And speaking of colleges, I was supposed to be in San Francisco this weekend looking at Berkley, but all the flights were full. Ah, the cruelty of traveling space available. Plus, Rollins is only about 45 minutes away from my house. The last thing I want is for my parents to show up in my dorm on the weekends! Or to have to live at home for college. Mom, Dad, I love you, but I NEED MY SPACE. Pros of a college in California: No parents trying to backseat drive my life.

That made me sound like I hate my parents. I don't! I love them. I just want room to be myself, you know? And besides, Florida's weather is gross.