Monday, August 22, 2011

Thing I've Learned #84: Without Change, There Would Be No Butterflies

Cheesy title, I know.

So here I am. In college. Just got back from classes. Funny how things happen so quickly sometimes. Seems like graduation was just yesterday. And then summer, and now...boom. College.

Honestly though, I'm scared to death of being on my own. Scared of what exactly, I don't know, but scared none the less. I cried like a baby my first night alone in the dorm. (Fortunately, my roommate hadn't arrived yet.) But I've felt increasingly better since then. And I know things will get easier now that classes have started. Especially because I have pretty awesome classes. All fun nerd stuff.

Intro to Ancient History was good. Or, it will be once we start doing things. Same with Art History II, though I'd much rather be in Art History I. Oh well. I like Bernini. :) Italian, however...well I showed up to the room and the lights were off and the door was locked. Uwahh....? I guess I'll just show up again Wednesday? Also, my textbooks should be here today. They aren't. Hopefully they'll arrive tomorrow, or I'm screwed.

So, first day of college, check. Hurray! xD Now let me go eat food and nap.

Yep, college kid to the bone.