Sunday, November 29, 2009

Things I've Learned #48 and #49: James is Ninja and This is the Year of Dead Pets

As you can see by the title, I learned two very important things yesterday. Origin of the first:
I had a riding clinic yesterday. James' worst nightmare: pole day! Trot poles, poles next to jumps, poles on jumps, poles in front of jumps, poles behind jumps, James hate them all. Kate holds with the theory that somebody beat him WITH a pole. Well, to say it was an interesting hour would be putting it lightly. Fortunately my butt only hit the dirt once. Once too many, but still only once. This clinic was a jumping clinic, the point of it being to get your horse to see striding up to a jump. Hence, the poles. You see, if you put a pole one stride before a jump and one stride after a jump, it forces the horse to really think about where they put their feet. Which helps them not to knock down rails. Jamesey was NOT pleased by this. He has this ninja ability to twist in midair over a jump, thus avoiding the pole on the other side. As cool and ninja as that is, it's bad, and he must not do this. All and all, I got out of it alive, and in one piece. James, I think, just barely scraped by with his sanity. And his manhood. What a sissy

Origin of the second:
My cat died yesterday. Technically she wasn't my cat anymore, because she's been living with my aunt for the past several years, but I still think of her as my cat. This cat, Snickers was her name, was the sweetest. thing. ever. That's why mom and I got her in the first place, because we wanted a cuddly kitty, not an aloof one. Well, my dad is allergic, so we ended up having to get rid of her, but my aunt loves cats, and one of hers had just died, so she got Snickers. I think they've had her about three or four years now. Well, a couple weeks ago she got really sick, and Aunt Ang took her to the vet, but they couldn't figure out what was wrong. They gave her an antibiotic, and she seemed to be getting better. A few days ago she stopped eating, and my aunt took her back to the vet. They determined it was stomach cancer, and that there was nothing they could do. So they had to put her down last night.
Had to put down my horse this spring, and now my cat.
I hate vets.
It's not even the vet. It's that damned pink shot. Somehow it being pink makes it worse.

And through it all, I continue to write. STILL not done with this silly novel! Getting there, though! I'm close, so so so close! The end is a stones throw away, and I have until tomorrow at midnight to get there! Ack!

Words: 61,096. Pages: 168. Sex scenes: 10? A dozen? I don't even know anymore... Ending: Unplanned.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thing I've Learned #47: Chichen Itza is Not Chicken Pizza

Let's make this brief: Cancun was a spectacular flop of a vacation. The hotel was bad and it went downhill from there. Our room smelled like mildew, they were doing construction just outside at all hours of the night, they were digging on the beach so we couldn't use it, and the food was gross. Hence, we are home a day early. The (only) cool thing was Chichen Itza. Wednesday (wow, that was just yesterday. It feels like forever ago already) we took a tour from the resort to Chichen Itza, which was about a two and a half hour bus ride inland. It's okay, I brought my laptop and wrote the whole way. :) Chichen Itza, though I prefer Greek and Roman history to early American history, was way, way awesome. Human sacrifice is wickedly cool, in the literal sense. I have come to two conclusions:
One, Dreamworks seems to believe El Dorado is Mayan. In the movie they talk about Shibalba, which is the Mayan word for the underworld. They also play Pok ta Pok, that diabolical ball game where you get the ball through the sideways hoop with only your hips and knees and the winning captain is executed for the glory of the gods.
Two, Ha'ri was a Mayan in a previous life. Hee hee, I can just see him all decked out in gold, the pretty boy sacrifice to the gods.
Anyway, our bus broke down at Chichen Itza, so we had to wait another hour or so for a new bus to come get us, and then yay, two and a half hours back. My parents and I have dubbed this vacation disaster as "Vacation de la Muerte."

Let's talk about the good points, shall we? Good thing number one: I got to finish my AWESOME BOOK OF EPIC WIN. And man, was it full of WIN. And other interesting things. ;) How can you NOT have interesting things when one of the main character's closet friends was born and raised in a brothel? And happens to be drop dead gorgeous and not picky about who he sleeps with? And you really can't go wrong with a young, handsome king (redhead FTW) who happens to be gay. Oh yes, these books would be significantly less interesting if not for Tau and Evred. Read them. Read them now. Good thing number two: while the food was not spectacular, I became extremely fond of virgin mango daiquiris. I think I drank half a dozen one night at dinner. Good thing number three: I GOT TO FIFTY THOUSAND LAST NIGHT!!! Good thing number four: Thank god, I'm home.

So now that I'm home, I continue to write. Because, oh good god, I reached fifty thousand words at almost the exact halfway point in my plot. I've got four days to finish my story. Oh, good god.

Words: 53,376. Pages: 148. Chapters: 22. Sex scenes: Too many. -shoots self-

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thing I've Learned #46: I Hate It When My Characters Break My Heart

I think I wrote for about five and a half hours straight today. And now I'm TWO DAYS ahead on word count. TWO. For the WIN! However, most of this time was spent writing the saddest, most drawn out death scene known to mankind. I finally had to kill Aisha. It made me want to cry. And it wasn't even the fact that he died that was so sad, it was how the other guys reacted to it. They acted like...lost puppies. It was so depressing!

Well, I'm off to Cancun tomorrow morning, (also for the win) where I will spend five days on the beach with either my laptop or my book. Oh, life is good. Downside: no Internet and no texting. :(

Words: 40,001. Pages: 113. Dead characters: 1. Words written today: 4,464. PERSONAL RECORD.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thing I've Learned #45: There is Nothing In the World Better Than Books

My random despair has been cured by equal dose of healthy crying and ass kicking. So I'm all good in novel land now. Thursdays were never good days for me, but you know, that killer math test wasn't so bad. 80% FOR THE WIN. Friday was the start of what promises to be an amazing week. Mom and I went to the mall, I indulged in some serious retail therapy, and then...then we went to Border.

Oh yeah baby, BOOKS. I am a firm believer in the fact that books are necessary to sustain life. I know that I, for one, would certainly die without them. I found the third book in one of my all time favorite series. I literally danced in the aisle. If you like pirates, intrigue, and sex (in a non-romance-novely way) all in a fantasy setting, you should read Inda by Sherwood Smith. This woman is my hero. As I writer, I strive to write more like her. Anyway, so I got the third book in the Inda series. It took every ounce of my willpower to not start it that night.

But my willpower faded today. So, I started reading and was reminded of why I adore these books. Two characters who have been in love but in denial since book one finally got around to DOING something about it. And yes I do mean they made love. Exiled main character returns home, and it turns out his best friend the king has a massive crush on him. And, well, dinner at the castle is just one knot of seriously awkward sexual tension. Oh, and there was a naval battle. With pirates! And this was just in the first 100 pages! Sherwood Smith, I worship you.

But don't think this means I was a bad girl and didn't write anything. Because I did. Sarah and I went to Nora's house for writers club this morning, and she gave us hot chocolate and chocolate muffins. Guess who my new best friend is? I made sure I had my word count before I read anything, so there. I was GOOD. Speaking of writing, I have to go fish my characters out of the middle of a sex scene. Oh lord. I'm getting really tired of writing those. And whenever I complain, Sarah says, "Well, that's kind of what your novel is about." Yes. It is. But that doesn't mean I have to like it anymore. -headdesk-

And on Monday, to Cancun, bitches. Best Thanksgiving break ever? I think so.

Words: 35, 068. Pages: 100. Sex scenes: 6. Amount of material I've left out: Enough to make a mountain that would rival Olympus.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thing I've Learned #44: Somedays, We Fail at Life

I'm feeling very dejected today. I don't know what caused it, but the math test tomorrow I'm sure to fail and the brick wall my novel has reached are certainly not helping.

Turns out that killer math test is the only test we'll have on our progress reports, which come out a week or so after Thanksgiving break. Now, it is a well known fact I don't pay attention in math. But I pay attention enough to be able to kind of sort of get whats going on. This week I've had to do other homework in math class. So, I'm utterly lost. And my parents will eat me if I get lower than a C on my progress report. Hell, they'll eat me even if a DO get a C.

As for the writing, I have no idea what's going on with that. I know where I'm going, but I don't know how to get there. Which is not usually a problem for me. Except for now, when one look at my novel makes me want to run off sobbing in the opposite direction.

I have a sneaking suspicion this all has to do with the fact that I'm a girl. Now if you'll excuse me, I have about a million formulas to go memorize.

Words: It doesn't matter. I suck at life today.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thing I've Learned #43: AutoSummarize is My New Favorite Thing

My novel in 100 words or less:

“Ha’ri!” “Ha’ri!” Ha’ri stopped. Ha’ri flinched.
Ciro paused. Ciro called. Ciro stood. Ciro chuckled. Ciro shrugged. Ciro asked.
Ha’ri smiled. Ciro laughed. Ciro asked.
“Ha’ri,” Ciro murmured, “Ha’ri, no…no. Ha’ri frowned. Ciro shrugged. Ha’ri smiled.
Ha’ri fled.

“Ha’ri!” “Ha’ri!” “Ha’ri? Ha’ri blushed. Ciro cried. Ciro growled.
Ciro nodded. “Marce!” Ha’ri scolded. Ha’ri sighed.
Ciro stammered.
Ciro grimaced. Ha’ri hesitated. Ciro scowled. Ciro repeated. “Ciro?” “Ha’ri?”
Ha’ri asked Ciro. Ciro jumped.
“Ciro!” Ha’ri protested. “Marce?” “Marce!” “Um, Ha’ri? Ha’ri ventured.
“Lord Ciro!” “Ha’ri! “Lord Ciro! “Ciro!” “Master Ciro.” Ha’ri hesitated. Ha’ri cried. “Marce.” Marce…?”
Ha’ri mused.
Ciro fumed.

Yeah, AutoSummarize is awesome.

Words: 25, 187. Pages: 73. Instances of mental or physical trauma inflicted on characters: 1 mental, 1 both. Times Ha'ri has had dirty thoughts about Ciro: 2 and on the rise.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thing I've Learned #42: The Sole Purpose of Christmas Carols is to Get Stuck In One's Head

We've been singing Christmas music for weeks now. That is the one, huge downfall of being in choir. We start singing Christmas carols before even the stores put out their decorations! And the worst of it is I have choir first period, so I'm walking around humming Wexford Carol under my breath all day!

In other news....I'M CAUGHT UP IN MY WORD COUNT! YAAAAY! Finally, right? Getting to the fun stuff, too. Just introduced Desirata, oh, five minutes ago? Awesome. Antagonists are awesome. And tomorrow I'll be at one of my favorite parts! Bailey gets beaten and raped by a bunch of guys on the streets, and Marce (after kicking the shit out of them) takes care of Bailey while beating himself up over not being there to protect him. YAI. RELATIONSHIP CUTENESS.

Words: 18,423. Pages: 55. Times Ha'ri and Ciro have kissed: 3. Pages until they actually fall in love: Helluva lot.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Thing I've Learned #41: Karma Hates Novelists

Why is it that I have so much homework in November? Why? And why is it that now, of all times, my stomach chooses to revolt after months of peace? Why?! Because karma seems to have it out for us November novelists.

I am behind on my word count. This frustrates me to no end. Due to the avalanche of homework I was buried in and the rebellious nature of my innards, I was unable to write yesterday. And remain unable to catch up today.

But I have learned a few new things about my characters. One, Kit is an utter brat. He whines, he's a tattle tale, he throws fits when he doesn't get what he wants...brat. Two, due to my contempt for and vehement hatred towards Signore Della Volpe, I must say I'm horrified to discover that Illari is a younger, sweeter Volpe, with all the ambition and creepiness surgically removed. I have failed as a mother! Three, Kotari appears to be Prince Djem with shorter hair. For those of you who know what I'm talking about, then you will understand my horror. At least on point number two. Creeper, creeper, creeper, creeper, creeper.

Words: 13,661. Pages: 42. Kisses: More than last time. Sex scenes: 3, if we're counting implied.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thing I've Learned #40: It's Always Better in Your Head

Phew. Noveling is exhausting! Or maybe that's the annotating. Either way, I took a break from both today and went to a renaissance fair. Yes, yes I am a nerd. But E.B. and Sarah went with me, so that makes them nerds too. We had a great time, but I had to annotate like crazy when I got home. Not to mention write.

I have so much freaking homework to do tomorrow. I have to finish Huck Finn, do a mini biography on Millard Fillmore, read the chapter in the book for APUSH, do SOAPS for APUSH, memorize a bunch of characters for a Chinese test tomorrow, oh, and get my word count.

Good god I hate homework.

On the much better topic of noveling...well, it's going okay. Not as awesome as it was in my head, though. Ideas are so hard to translate into words. But I'm on word count, and my plot is certainly going SOMEWHERE, and I think that's the best I can hope for.

I'm going to abuse my already exhausted mind, body, and eyes and go read Cantarella.

Words: 11,685. Pages: 36. Kisses: 4-ish. Times Ciro Has Been Sexually Harassed: 2.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thing I've Learned #39: All Men are Subconsciously a Little Bit Gay

Sarah and I should be psychologists. Seriously, we're brilliant. We were walking down the hallway, and Sarah says to me, "You know, I think all men are subconsciously gay. Why else would they say things like 'Dude, suck my dick?'" True, I said, most girls don't say things like that. She said it was because guys are so obsessed with sex, they don't care where they get it, from girls, guys, or themselves. Brilliant, I thought. We should write papers on this. :D

I hated annotating the Scarlet Letter, but I hate annotating Huckleberry Finn much, much more. I like the book twice as much, but the annotating is twice as hard BECAUSE it's so simple. Ah, fml.

The irony of my life is that I can never write when I feel the urge to. We were going to go to the library during lunch to write, but no, it was closed for a meeting. And when I got home and actually had time to write, I felt like microwaved death. The universe has a sick sense of humor.

Words: 5237. Pages: 18. Kisses: 1. Sex scenes: 0.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Thing I've Learned #38: Being Ahead is Nice. Being Behind is Not.

I am 651 words over word count. I am over 20 chapters behind annotating Huckleberry Finn. Former: awesome. Latter: sucks.

I still have no idea what I'm doing in my beginning. Ha'ri and Ciro are just kind of...floating there. Damn. I need to think of something for them to do, and fast. You know what's funny? Ha'ri and Ciro's first kiss is on page 12, but they don't fall in love until like...a gajillion pages later. I find that amusing. Also very annoying.

I'm so tired I feel like dying.

3985 words.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thing I've Learned #37: The Beginning is the Most Important Part


But when I sat down to start writing...I realized I had no beginning. 'Oh shit' moment of the month? I think so. But then again, it's not as bad a poor Sarah, who started writing and realized her main character had no name.

Trials and tribulations aside, I DID get my word count today. Two words over, in fact. Aren't I just an overachiever?

While my parents were at choir tonight, I watched the TMNT movie and an episode of the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars series instead of doing my homework. Time well spent. I saw TMNT when it came out, but I forgot how funny it was. Ah, I love Mikey. And you know when you watch something and are surprised by the ending, and then watch it again and think "Oh, I totally saw that coming!" I was having a moment like that over Star Wars. Granted, it was the show, not the movie, but knowing that Anikin becomes Darth Vadar, I'm watching this thinking, "Jeez, Anikin's kind of an ass. No wonder he went to the dark side." (Is it Anikin with an i or an a? I can never remember.) And Padme is definitely a skank. Definitely. Half the time I was like, "WHAT is she wearing?!" and the other half was "Quit batting your freakishly long eyelashes at him! You're married, for god's sake!"

So yet again it is ten o' clock on a Sunday, with no homework done as of yet. I should really quit doing this.

1669 words.