Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thing I've Learned #43: AutoSummarize is My New Favorite Thing

My novel in 100 words or less:

“Ha’ri!” “Ha’ri!” Ha’ri stopped. Ha’ri flinched.
Ciro paused. Ciro called. Ciro stood. Ciro chuckled. Ciro shrugged. Ciro asked.
Ha’ri smiled. Ciro laughed. Ciro asked.
“Ha’ri,” Ciro murmured, “Ha’ri, no…no. Ha’ri frowned. Ciro shrugged. Ha’ri smiled.
Ha’ri fled.

“Ha’ri!” “Ha’ri!” “Ha’ri? Ha’ri blushed. Ciro cried. Ciro growled.
Ciro nodded. “Marce!” Ha’ri scolded. Ha’ri sighed.
Ciro stammered.
Ciro grimaced. Ha’ri hesitated. Ciro scowled. Ciro repeated. “Ciro?” “Ha’ri?”
Ha’ri asked Ciro. Ciro jumped.
“Ciro!” Ha’ri protested. “Marce?” “Marce!” “Um, Ha’ri? Ha’ri ventured.
“Lord Ciro!” “Ha’ri! “Lord Ciro! “Ciro!” “Master Ciro.” Ha’ri hesitated. Ha’ri cried. “Marce.” Marce…?”
Ha’ri mused.
Ciro fumed.

Yeah, AutoSummarize is awesome.

Words: 25, 187. Pages: 73. Instances of mental or physical trauma inflicted on characters: 1 mental, 1 both. Times Ha'ri has had dirty thoughts about Ciro: 2 and on the rise.

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