Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thing I've Learned #42: The Sole Purpose of Christmas Carols is to Get Stuck In One's Head

We've been singing Christmas music for weeks now. That is the one, huge downfall of being in choir. We start singing Christmas carols before even the stores put out their decorations! And the worst of it is I have choir first period, so I'm walking around humming Wexford Carol under my breath all day!

In other news....I'M CAUGHT UP IN MY WORD COUNT! YAAAAY! Finally, right? Getting to the fun stuff, too. Just introduced Desirata, oh, five minutes ago? Awesome. Antagonists are awesome. And tomorrow I'll be at one of my favorite parts! Bailey gets beaten and raped by a bunch of guys on the streets, and Marce (after kicking the shit out of them) takes care of Bailey while beating himself up over not being there to protect him. YAI. RELATIONSHIP CUTENESS.

Words: 18,423. Pages: 55. Times Ha'ri and Ciro have kissed: 3. Pages until they actually fall in love: Helluva lot.

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