Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thing I've Learned #37: The Beginning is the Most Important Part


But when I sat down to start writing...I realized I had no beginning. 'Oh shit' moment of the month? I think so. But then again, it's not as bad a poor Sarah, who started writing and realized her main character had no name.

Trials and tribulations aside, I DID get my word count today. Two words over, in fact. Aren't I just an overachiever?

While my parents were at choir tonight, I watched the TMNT movie and an episode of the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars series instead of doing my homework. Time well spent. I saw TMNT when it came out, but I forgot how funny it was. Ah, I love Mikey. And you know when you watch something and are surprised by the ending, and then watch it again and think "Oh, I totally saw that coming!" I was having a moment like that over Star Wars. Granted, it was the show, not the movie, but knowing that Anikin becomes Darth Vadar, I'm watching this thinking, "Jeez, Anikin's kind of an ass. No wonder he went to the dark side." (Is it Anikin with an i or an a? I can never remember.) And Padme is definitely a skank. Definitely. Half the time I was like, "WHAT is she wearing?!" and the other half was "Quit batting your freakishly long eyelashes at him! You're married, for god's sake!"

So yet again it is ten o' clock on a Sunday, with no homework done as of yet. I should really quit doing this.

1669 words.

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