Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thing I've Learned #36: Sometimes Your Costume Decides What it is For You

Best. Sleepover. Ever. Nora, Brittany, EB, Emily, and Sarah all came, and did...well, writerly things! We made shirts, which OWN. They all say This. Is. NaNo! somewhere on them, because we decided that that should be our catch phrase this year. Then we went around in a circle and talked about our novels for a few minutes. (EB decided to tape this.) This was rather amusing, for me, at least, considering I had just had a bottle of Mountain Dew and could hardly get a sentence out, much less and entire, cohesive summary of my novel. By this time it was nearly 3:00 AM, at which time I climbed up onto my desk and finally wrote my timeline. Why on top of my desk? Because it's the only way I could reach the paper taped up behind it. We slept like logs.

Sarah had to leave early the next morning, but the everyone else stayed for breakfast, and later, making the Facebook pages! Oh my gosh, most fun thing I've ever done! Mine currently reads:

Bailey Baudelaire Wow ;)

Marce Ancelet doesn't really mind washing Bailey's hair.
Bailey Baudelaire Oh, sure, as long as you get something out of it! =3
Marce Ancelet Damn straight.
Ma Marce, you have tonight off, but Bailey does not!
Bailey Baudelaire Killjoy.

Sanvi Isadore is reveling in the sunset.

Ciro Montecalm is enjoying a little quiet time with a friend.

Ha'ri had a nice day with one friend and is looking forward to a nice evening with another.

DeLacey Windsor is off to a ball. Oh, joy.
Kit Greene dislike
DeLacey Windsor No kidding.
Kit Greene No chance you could skip out? And come see me instead?
DeLacey Windsor No, and if you keep begging I'll never come.

I swear to god it is not me who decides what gets written there! They dictate, I write.

The aquarium yesterday was awesome, by the way. EB, Sarah, and I spent, I kid you not, approximately 20 minutes staring at the seahorses. I love seahorses! Truthfully, my love for them started as a mpreg fangirl fetish, and if you don't know what I'm talking about, don't ask. That aside, they're adorable. Especially the teeny tiny ones. They're oh, and inch or so long? CUTE. Then we stood in front of one of those awesome panoramic tank windows for a while. EB and Sarah were facing each other with their sides to the tank, and I was looking straight ahead at it. An enormous moray eel swam up behind them, and I tried to point it out to them, but they were talking. When they finally turned around, it opened it's mouth and bared its sharp, mean little teeth at us. We screamed. It was pretty funny. :D

My friends are coming over to go trick-or-treating in about an hour. Meanwhile, I'm starving and I have to straighten my hair. Apparently, I'll be Lucrezia Borgia. I'm not sure how this happened, but I assure you it wasn't MY idea! I really hate her. She's Princess Brat. But hey, I'll get a golden opportunity to make fun of her. "Oh Chiaro, I loooooooooove you! Chiaro, don't leave me, I'm a wimpy little girl who can't take care of herself! Waahhhhh, I have to marry that man and brother wants to hurt Chiaro! Wahhhh, my life is terrible because all the men I love don't love me, and the few that do just want to rape me! Wahhhh, I should jump off a balcony and put myself out of my misery!" Oh, please do, and put us out of our misery as well.

TOMORROW IS NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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