Saturday, October 10, 2009

Thing I've Learned #23: Sometimes, You Just Don't Ask

TGIF! Sarah and I went to see our school's production of Metamorphoses today. It was awesome. I adored it, considering it was essentially a collection of abbreviated Greek myths. They did some of my favorites, like Phaeton and Eros & Psyche. It was done in a modern-but-not-modern style. And there was a pool on stage. Like I said, awesome.

I was on the NaNoWriMo site some more today, exploring the forums in search of advice/research. And, I swear it was for said research, I ended up on the erotic fiction board. Let me just say I learned nothing useful, but I did learn several things I never needed or wanted to know. I was reminded of the second rule of fangirls: don't ask. Just don't ask.

I did achieve some productivity with my visit to the NaNo website, however. I found a board doing a "NaNo Warm Up," so to speak. The challenge was to write a scene that "epitomizes a character, a relationship, or maybe just the tone of the story you wanted to work on" in 200 words or less. My friends out there who are doing NaNo, I encourage you to try it.
Here's mine:

Bailey took a half dozen running strides to keep up with the lanky redhead, whose name Bailey had not been able to catch.
“Ma expects us to stay clean,” the redhead explained, pushing open a door and ushering his charge into the bathroom. “We bathe pretty much every morning.”
The redhead followed Bailey in, and shut the door behind them. Bailey hadn’t even had time to nod in acknowledgement before the older boy had him backed against the wall and was kissing him harshly, both hands holding Bailey’s hips. Stunned and scared, Bailey froze and let the other’s lips do their work.
“Marce,” two voices called in unison as the door banged open. “Ma told us to tell you not to scare the kid.”
Marce pulled away from Bailey abruptly, licking his lips in a feral manner. Weak with relief, Bailey sank to the floor and sat there, trembling. Marce shoved past the two boys standing in the doorway and left. Both had long black hair, one with pale skin and one with dark. Bailey vaguely remembered their names being Aisha and Ha’ri, but he couldn’t remember which was which.
“What…what is this place?” he asked them, eyes huge and frightened.
The two exchanged looks. “You mean you don’t know?”

It's 210 words, actually. But when has it ever been bad for a NaNo-er to get OVER their word count?! It tells the story of Bailey and Marce's first meeting, which, since it probably isn't going to wind up in the actual novel, I felt was important to their relationship. As you can see, Marce pretty much scared the pee out of poor, sissy little Bailey :D

22 days until NaNoWriMo. By the way, those bruises on my legs are a lovely combination of blue, purple, and a hint of green.

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