Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thing I've Learned #32: DCS Is Nothing to Sneeze At

Once again, it's 10:30 on a Sunday night, and I have yet to start my homework. I should really stop this, it's bad for my sleep patterns. (What sleep patterns?!)

But I had better things to do today, I swear! Sarah and I hung out for a nice, relaxing girl day. If you count beating the crap out of each other with lightsabers a nice, relaxing girl day. And novel chat. Hours of novel chat. We have established that Sarah is the godmother to all my boys, because she had as much of a hand in bringing them into the world as I did. Besides, they like her. She gives them sex tips. Oh, and we finally found a logical career path for Marce. He'll be training guards in hand-to-hand combat. It suits him.

Today I'd like to talk about a little something called Disney Childhood Syndrome, or DSC. DSC is a common, but serious condition where characters have had tragic pasts, often involving the death of one or more loved ones. This can have serious effects later in their life such as depression, desire for revenge, and distrust towards others. If your character is suffering from DSC, don't wait, get help now!

Pretty much all of my boys have bad, bad cases of DSC. Oh, where do I begin?! Aisha was beaten and raped by his father as an eight year old. Bailey's own brother sold him to the Phoenix. Sanvi's mother died when he was seventeen, leaving him alone. Marce has lived on the streets since he was ten, being frequently beaten and raped until he learned how to defend himself. Valentino is the bastard son of a nobleman, who got kicked out of the house when his father got married. The Swan was a sacred dancer for whatever religion it is he believes in, and god knows how he ended up at the Phoenix, but I'm sure as hell it wasn't pleasant. Ha'ri was fifteen when his entire village was slaughtered, and the men that did it took him captive and used him as a sex toy until they sold him to the Phoenix. Kit...I haven't the faintest idea where Kit came from. No wonder they're all a mess!

I baked cookies today. I like to bake. I brought my laptop downstairs to listen to music, and rocked out to Wynona, Disney music, and 3OH!3 while wrestling with frozen cookie dough. And then I watched School of Rock.

Way past my bedtime. And I need to do my homework. Oh joy.


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