Saturday, October 3, 2009

Thing I've Learned #17: Doing Nothing Is Hard Work

I was awakened rather rudely at 7:30 AM by a killer leg cramp. Dude, Saturday, not. cool. I probably would have woken up then anyway, due to the fact that my internal clock SUCKS. But I stayed in bed for...oh, another three or four hours. And when my back started to hurt from lying funny, I sat up and read. Oh, how nice it is to be able to read what I want, and not what I have to. Only for today, however, because I've got freakin' Scarlet Letter, and after that, Founding Brothers. Yuck. I have at least eight other books I would SO much rather be reading.

Then I had chips and salsa for breakfast and watched Warehouse 13 the rest of the day. Well, for five hours. At least. I was really, really behind, because the season ended like, two weeks ago and I still had nine episodes on my DVR. I only have three left now. And one of them is a repeat. I love doing nothing all day!

We did go to the barn, though. Caught the end of EB's lesson on GLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Who is the cutest horse ever. You know the movie Spirit? He looks like Spirit. Then we painted James. Mom and I went to the tack store yesterday and bought a bunch of stuff. We're going to a horse show next weekend, so we got a new bridle, new helmet, and a new saddle pad. Oh, and paint. It's like horsey face paint. So EB and I painted green and blue lightning bolts on James' butt and I painted a blue exclamation point on his face. Now he's uber awesome.

We (meaning mom, EB, EB's mom, Sarah, and I) went to see Fame last night, and it was pretty awesome. Kind of choppy, but generally awesome. I love going to see movies with my friends. It's like a mini girl's night out.

And now I have to do APUSH homework. Yuck.

A final thought: "What, use only in case of stupid?!"

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