Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thing I've Learned #16: Two Gallons of Milk Are Better Than One

Absolutely nothing significant happened to me today. My parents are now at the grocery store, buying milk, because my mother decided recently that we only needed one gallon of milk at a time. Oh, how wrong she wrong she was.

I drove home from the barn yet again. And thus decided I don't like driving in traffic. It is not fun. And for the record: DRIVER PICKS THE MUSIC, SHOTGUN SHUTS HER CAKEHOLE. Mother.

Speaking of barn, lesson was awesome today. James was awesome today. Kate (that's my instructor and the barn owner. I can't remember if I said that already. My memory is going and I'm only a teenager!) attempted to ruin James' life by putting poles in front of jumps so he had to trot them before jumping the jump. He was not pleased. But he was very brave. I'm proud. He also has a new admirer in the form of a girl that was getting ready for a lesson while I was putting him away. She adored him, and kept petting him and hugging him, and, much to his delight, feeding him. SCORE. James needs to be a little girl's pony. This is precisely why I am training him.

I brought "The Prince" to school today, and received many eye rolls from my friends, who give me a look if I so much as mention Machiavelli. Not that they aren't nerds too, they're just a little sick of hearing about him. I unfortunately had no time to read it, though, due to my freaking ANNOTATING. I hate annotating. And I hate the Scarlet Letter. Archaic English is fine if it's Shakespeare or Machiavelli, (not that Machiavelli wrote in English, but let's just keep this up for the sake of discussion) but not if it's Hawthorne. God no. Depressed, irritating man.

As a side note, I have been listening to Latin choral music all day. Yep, I'm a music nerd too. But I have a legitimate excuse! The song, Tota Pulchra Es, we learned part of in choir, and I, liking the song, looked it up on iTunes, and found a version of it free. Thus, I have been listening to it ever since. Nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd.

My parents are back. I want a glass of milk.

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