Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thing I've Learned #24: No Fear!

I was at an away horse show this weekend, with my pony James. James is an extremely sensitive horse. If you're scared, he knows and then he'll refuse jumps or freak out or do something equally not good. So, when you ride him, you have to be reeeaaal calm. Now, James and I rode in 2' 3" jumper division this morning. I was terrified. He was at a new place, and he was freaked. As a result of his spookiness and my nervousness, he refused in the first class and I fell off. Second class, I thought, eh, okay, I fell off, it can't get any worse. He refused twice, but we got over everything and got fourth place. Third class, and there was no way in hell we were stopping. And we didn't. And we got third. Lesson(s) learned: Don't be scared. Don't fall off in wet sand. Don't trust a James. Don't gallop over your last fence, even if you're happy. Call your fences.

EB came with us to the show. Kate said she could be our groom. She kind of was. "EB, hold my dog." "EB, hold my horse." "EB, hold my water bottle." "EB, can you get my helmet?" While we were there, she and I saw a black Maserati, parked there, slick as can be. In the middle of a dirty farm without a speck of dust on it. Sexy, sexy beast car. And it kept moving. And no one else saw it but us. And then it disappeared when we were facing the only road it could have driven out on. EB and I are convinced we saw the Devil's car.

It was an hour or so drive back from the show, and upon returning a took a shower and have been doing homework ever since. Well, okay, I talked to Sarah and McKenzie on facebook. McKenzie and I made dinosaur and zombie noises at each other. Sarah and I argued about who was hotter, Marce or Ha'ri.

Let me tell you a little something about Ha'ri. He's the main character of my (crackish) NaNo, despite the fact that I talk so much about the other characters. He used to work at the Blue Phoenix, but now he works as a servant for Ciro, a nobleman who is the other main character. Together they make up the third couple in the story. Ha'ri is from some...desert tribe, I guess. I don't know, his people were conquered when he was fifteen, and he was captured and sold to the Phoenix. But I digress. He's got dark skin and gold eyes, and long black hair. And the coolest tattoo in the world. It's not a picture as much as it's a pattern of dots and lines and swirls, all in black. It starts on his right foot, winds around his leg, goes over his hip and lower back, wraps around across his stomach, back over his back and over his shoulder, and then winds around his left arm to his hand. Coolest. Tattoo. Ever. I told Sarah I'm probably going to end up drawing it on myself this November, just so I know exactly where it goes. And I digress again. Needless to say, with the whole exotic thing going on (yes he does have an accent), plus the cool tattoo and heart stopping eyes, Ha'ri is indeed quite sexy.

But I still say Marce wins at sexiest, because he has a sexy personality. Ha'ri does not. He's almost...childish in some ways. Marce is badass, kick ass, and knows how to flirt for all he's worth. And he also happens to have fiery curls, nice hips, and killer green eyes. It's the personality that cinches it, though. Marce has a way of making people want him. Ha'ri doesn't particularly care.

That was another rant. 20 days until I get to rant all I want.

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