Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thing I've Learned #35: Entropy is NOT a Good Thing

Today being the last school day before Halloween, I wore a medieval dress complete with corset to school today. Sarah wore a southern belle gown complete with hoop skirt. We were by far the sexiest girls in the whole damn place!

I had another lesson today, this time on James, and oh my god my thighs scream every time I move. Tessa is a helluva lot wider than my little pony, so I had a hard time wrapping my tiny legs around her. And you cannot move your leg at all when you canter on James, or he will switch leads. Hence, I feel I must die now. James was really good today. He only refused twice, and it was my fault because I steered him crooked.

This is going to be the best long weekend EVER. Tomorrow Sarah, EB, and I are going to the aquarium...well, just because. And tomorrow night we're having a pre-NaNo sleepover! Which will be amazing. We're going to eat pizza, drink caffeine, and make t-shirts for us and facebook pages for our characters. (Ones on paper, so we can stick them up on our walls or something.) Saturday is Halloween, and Sunday...IS NOVEMBER!!! I'm so ridiculously excited it's sad. I'm absolutely dying to write about these poor guys that have be cooped up in my head since August.

Speaking of them, I'm especially in love with DeLacey and Kit today. Couldn't tell you why, I just adore them at the moment.

Mom made me clean my room today, in preparation for having my friends over. And guess what? There's a DESK under all that crap piled up around my laptop! Who knew! I couldn't care less if the rest of my room was clean or not, but I HATE when my desk is a mess. I just never do anything about it when it gets bad. So it gets worse. Stuff just kind of accumulates, and never goes away. Until a mother-imposed cleaning frenzy, that is.


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