Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thing I've Learned #34: I Am a Messy Person By Nature

Well, it's still not pink. But I switched it again, because the other one was far too blah.

I got to make something on the pottery wheel in art club today! It was pretty much the highlight of my life. ;) Took me eight friggin' tries, (all during which Emily yelled at me for not wedging my clay enough, for making the wheel too fast, and then for sucking in general. =] ) but I made a pot/jar thinger. It's pretty awesome. I, and everything in the immediate area, was covered in clay. I consider this a success.

I rode Tessa in lesson today. I guess I forgot to mention, but I rode her last week too. She's the cutest little chestnut quarter horse mare. And oh my god, she doesn't refuse! I get so excited when I point her at a jump and she just goes. But good lord is she slo-ow! I'm so tired by the end of lesson I feel like I'm going to slide off her side into the dirt, haha. And James' nose is getting better. I didn't say he ripped it open on Saturday, did I? Oops. Yeah, we went to a horse show, and when we took him out of the trailer his nostril was torn open. I don't know what happened. I don't want to know what happened. But the inside of the trailer looked like a murder scene. He's perfectly fine, though. He didn't seem to be hurting too much, and now it's healing up just fine.

My novel became slightly more political. I am pleased, because you can only get so many words out of gooey romance and relationship angst. This is what I learned:
DeLacey is not DeLacey's last name after all, but his first.
Why is this significant? He's the youngest son of the prince.
To clarify:
The king, DeLacey's grandfather, has two sons, DeLacey's father and his brother.
The brother is jealous of DeLacey and his two brothers. (Why is it always the evil uncle? Why? Why?! Maybe I should name him Scar...)
DeLacey's older brothers are Lindsay and Ainsley. Yes, they are British.
Evil uncle AKA Scar has Lindsay assassinated.
Boom, DeLacey is now third in line for the throne.
Assuming the king, who is ancient, dies soon, DeLacey's father will become king.
Which makes DeLacey second in line for the throne.
Which puts his life in danger.

DUN DUN DUN!!!! The plot, she thickens!

Holy mother of God, FOUR DAYS!

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