Monday, October 12, 2009

Thing I've Learned #25: Andrew Jackson is a Neck Stealer

So, today, while frantically studying for a quiz we had in ten minutes, Sarah and I were reading our APUSH textbook. We came across a picture of Andrew Jackson. Sarah and I both thought he had a freakishly long neck. Next there was a picture of John C. Calhoun, who looks like Frankenstein's monster and has no neck at all. Sarah said that something ate his neck. I said, "Jackson stole it. Jackson has a long neck, he has no neck. Jackson was like, give me your neck." Insert creepy beckoning hand gesture here.

It was funny at the time.

For the past four hours or so, on and off, Sarah and I have been talking plot. We have established several things.
One: a sane, lucid, somewhat rational timeline.
Two: Kit and DeLacey play a twisted game of relationship chess, which often results in sex in awkward places.
Three: Ha'ri thinks role reversal is hot. He also has an extremely dirty mind. (Understandably)
Four: Ciro is shy, sweet, and gentle, but also very dense.
Five: Desirata is, and always will be, an utter ass.
Six: Dueling is dangerous! Don't try it at home, children!
Seven: Ha'ri's good intentions don't solve problems, they make them worse.
Eight: There is no logical career path for Marce.
Nine: DeLacey stole Kit's heart before either of them knew what was happening.
Ten: The kindest hearts can be born from the cruelest treatment.
That makes our conversation sound rather intelligent. But in truth, we talked an awful lot about Kit and DeLacey's sex life. Ha'ri and Ciro's too. xD I love my conversations with Sarah. Mostly because there is nothing we can say to each other that is awkward.

So that's what I did instead of reading Founding Brothers. Talked about whores and sex. Oh, November is going to be so interesting. 19 days until said interesting.

By the way, John Adams did, indeed, have children. Sarah. And my bruise is red-black-blue-green-purple. And quite lovely, if I do say so myself.

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