Friday, November 27, 2009

Thing I've Learned #47: Chichen Itza is Not Chicken Pizza

Let's make this brief: Cancun was a spectacular flop of a vacation. The hotel was bad and it went downhill from there. Our room smelled like mildew, they were doing construction just outside at all hours of the night, they were digging on the beach so we couldn't use it, and the food was gross. Hence, we are home a day early. The (only) cool thing was Chichen Itza. Wednesday (wow, that was just yesterday. It feels like forever ago already) we took a tour from the resort to Chichen Itza, which was about a two and a half hour bus ride inland. It's okay, I brought my laptop and wrote the whole way. :) Chichen Itza, though I prefer Greek and Roman history to early American history, was way, way awesome. Human sacrifice is wickedly cool, in the literal sense. I have come to two conclusions:
One, Dreamworks seems to believe El Dorado is Mayan. In the movie they talk about Shibalba, which is the Mayan word for the underworld. They also play Pok ta Pok, that diabolical ball game where you get the ball through the sideways hoop with only your hips and knees and the winning captain is executed for the glory of the gods.
Two, Ha'ri was a Mayan in a previous life. Hee hee, I can just see him all decked out in gold, the pretty boy sacrifice to the gods.
Anyway, our bus broke down at Chichen Itza, so we had to wait another hour or so for a new bus to come get us, and then yay, two and a half hours back. My parents and I have dubbed this vacation disaster as "Vacation de la Muerte."

Let's talk about the good points, shall we? Good thing number one: I got to finish my AWESOME BOOK OF EPIC WIN. And man, was it full of WIN. And other interesting things. ;) How can you NOT have interesting things when one of the main character's closet friends was born and raised in a brothel? And happens to be drop dead gorgeous and not picky about who he sleeps with? And you really can't go wrong with a young, handsome king (redhead FTW) who happens to be gay. Oh yes, these books would be significantly less interesting if not for Tau and Evred. Read them. Read them now. Good thing number two: while the food was not spectacular, I became extremely fond of virgin mango daiquiris. I think I drank half a dozen one night at dinner. Good thing number three: I GOT TO FIFTY THOUSAND LAST NIGHT!!! Good thing number four: Thank god, I'm home.

So now that I'm home, I continue to write. Because, oh good god, I reached fifty thousand words at almost the exact halfway point in my plot. I've got four days to finish my story. Oh, good god.

Words: 53,376. Pages: 148. Chapters: 22. Sex scenes: Too many. -shoots self-

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