Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thing I've Learned #70: The Month of May is Not Merry at All

Things That Have Sucked in May

Thing #1: Timeline was due on the third. Worked my ass off.

Thing #2: AP exam numero uno, US history.

Thing #3: AP exam numero dos, language arts.

Thing #4: Kate has announced she is moving back to Massachusetts because the owner of the barn is kicking her out because he's a jackass.

Thing #5: Now that exams are over, there is no good reason for me to be at school because my other classes are pointless. And yet, I can't leave!

Thing #6: Sold James. Good, I guess, but sucks 'cause I miss him.

Thing #7: Friday was the one year anniversary of Lillie's death. Still hurts to think about.

Thing #8: Parents informed me that our trip to Greece and Italy is for sure canceled. California instead. Fail of a consolation.

Thing #9: Mother also hell bent on dragging me on a mission trip to Guatemala.

Thing #10: Drivers test scheduled for the twenty-eighth. Scared shitless.

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