Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thing I've Learned #78: April is FAIL

'Nuff said.

Seriously though. Whoever invented April needs to just die. Or, correction, whoever invented AP exams needs to just die.

It is three weeks to the day until my AP Art History exam. Do you know where we are? The Baroque period! That's where we were supposed to be at Christmas. CHRISTMAS!

Holy mother of God we're fucked.

On the bright side, I'm doing my senior pictures tomorrow, which means I get to skip (part of) school (again) and play dress up. :D I think I packed like half of my wardrobe to bring with me, haha! I'm such a girl some days. Not that that's a bad thing, considering I am, in fact, female.

Also, I feel like death warmed over. Every muscle in my body aches for no fathomable reason. The only rational explaination I can come up with is that I must fight crime in my sleep. O.o

Oh hell, I just remembered I have a test on Thursday. And a shitload of other work to do this week.

Oh fuck. I hate April.

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