Friday, April 1, 2011

Thing I've Learned #72: I Do Not Like the Nose Pot

I think I'm getting a sinus infection. Boo.

I've had a headache for like a week now. And I never get headaches. My head just feels like...asdjfhdufhadkfjgdf. Just like that. Plus my temperature is like 99. Which isn't exactly a fever but not exactly normal either. Maybe I just run warm. Or I'm unknowingly incubating aliens. Yeah. It's probably that.

So you've probably heard of the weird mini teapot that you use to pour saline through you sinuses? I hate it. So much. And I don't really get its purpose anyway. Clean out your sinuses? IT'S SALT WATER. TAKE A DECONGESTANT. So why did I use it? I really don't even know. Vain hope. And the fact that I already took a decongestant. Damn you, pseudophedrine and phenylephrine. Damn you to hell.

Can you tell that I'm not feeling well? The less well I feel the less sense I make. I'm liable to start spouting off nonsense about, oh I don't know, combustible bunnies or some such nonsense.

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