Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thing I've Learned #63: Authors Are Weird People

Alane Ferguson, author of the Christopher Killer, came to our school today. She told us about fighting with her sisters and all the dead people she's seen and the creepy things that have happened to her. And she said she met Stephen King, and he was weird. Authors are weird in general, I'm starting to see. I liked her a lot. She was funny, and nice, and she had a lot to say. Which is important in a writer. And not just that, but knowing what you're talking about. And having a passion for it. She definitely had those.

And then she did a writer's workshop. EB, Sarah, and I all went. And you know, she liked us! We did a writing exercise and she read mine, and Sarah's too. She said they were very good. Mature, I think was the word she used. Of course, there was much nit-picky criticism attached, but it felt good. Embarrassing...but good. She said we could e-mail her our stuff, which was really neat. You don't really use that word much anymore, neat. But it was. It was neat.

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