Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thing I've Learned #64: Long Weekends are Tiny Pieces of Heaven

Okay, admittedly this long weekend will end with midterm exams...but still. And you know what I should be doing right now? Studying. But Sarah's coming over instead. And we're going to watch movies and hang out instead.

I love watching movies with my friends. Most girls are like, "Oh, let's watch Titanic and The Notebook!" And I'm like, "Let's watch a gory movie! How about Gladiator?" And Sarah agrees enthusiastically. We're awesome.

Yesterday was our girly day, though. We went to the mall, and I think we spent about two hours in Forever 21. And I bought thigh high boots. Pair 57. My father was not pleased.

I'm sure other things happened to me that week, but I don't remember them, so they must not be important.

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