Friday, January 22, 2010

Thing I've Learned #65: Every Time I Ask For a Kitten I Get a Horse

Long weekend numero dos! Exams are over, halle-frickin'-lujah! And my parents are buying me a new horse. They finally agree that while James is the cutest pony on planet earth, he is also better suited to be a dog than a jumper pony. And so, I'll be getting a horse who actually DOES WHAT IT'S TOLD. And isn't afraid of trot poles. And the wind. And flowers. And it's own shadow. Tomorrow mom and I are driving with Kate and her friend Shannon to watch a horse show. And while we're there we're going to look at a horse. He's a gray gelding, and his name is Prestley. He's quite adorable. :) I'm excited.

There were a few others we looked at online, namely a bay mare named Lyrical that Kate kind of likes. And there's another bay mare my mom likes named Isabella. It's funny, I've never had to go horse shopping like this before. We bought Lillie because I had been riding her for lessons for a while, and we bought James because I had been working with him a bit before Lillie died. But this whole looking for a horse elsewhere thing is new to me. So I'm glad Kate will be there to help.

In other news not related to horses, my birthday is Tuesday! It's funny...I swear I feel younger the older I get. You know what I asked for for my birthday? A Nerf gun, a Playtex pirate ship, and 300. The first two being incongruous to my age, and all three out of character for my gender. Most teenagers ask for a car...

You know what I should be doing right now? Annotating. The Great Gatsby is due on Thursday. I'm on chapter two. You know what else I should be doing? Writing. Aside from the teeny short story I wrote for Christmas, I've written nothing since November 30th. I should be working on my historical "projects." Because yes, my nerd love for Greek history translates into my writing. There's the Twin Project, which I believe I've talked about, which I've written...a lot for. There's the Patroclus Project, which I've written two little things for, and then there's the Alexander Project, which is fairly new and has nothing as of yet.

Which brings me to my new nerdy/fangirl obsession: Alexander the Great. Well, it's been an intrest for a while. I think it becomes an obsession when you decide to write about it, but I digress. You see, when it comes to history, I think like a writer. I think about history as stories, the people as characters. I think about Alexander as a person, as a man. Not as his accomplishments. I think about what he acted like, what went through his head, how he met his friends, what he thought of them, you know? People stuff. And I digress again. Where the Twin Project is Castor and Polydeuces, and the Patroclus Project is Achilles and Patroclus, the Alexander Project is Alexander and Hephaistion. (I'm sensing a theme here...) What can I say, I like relationships. Especially when the two parties in question are famous, historical, and handsome. Oh dear, I'm such a nerd!

And on that note, Sarah has just challenged me to a write off, so away I go, hopefully to (finally) get some words down! Ta!

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