Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thing I've Learned #50: Haste Makes Mistakes

The final count:
Words: 67,419. Pages: 184. Chapters: 26. Sex scenes: Lost count at 10, don't want to know. Days wordcount was not met: 4. Cups of tea consumed: 3. Sanity left: 10% Morals left: 0% HOW FULL OF WIN I AM: 100%

As of last night, IT IS DONE. Not done well, but done. So, as is quickly becoming tradition, I printed out my manuscript at, oh, 11:30 p.m. In five minutes. And let me tell you this: I WROTE it and I still can't make heads or tails of how it came out of that printer! Chapter 11 and Chapter 19 were on the same page, Chapter 1 was on the last page...it was a disaster. And post-November hilarity was setting in, so of course instead of getting mad I just slapped a binder clip on the 100 pages of word soup and giggled rather madly. I MAY HAVE MURDERED TREES, BUT I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF WHILE DOING SO. Today was redo day. My parents went to a Christmas party, so I sat by the printer for half and hour and tried to get it to work. I printed out so many test sheets, I could hear the rain forest screaming. But, as it always does, persistence paid off, and now my lovely IN THE CORRECT PAGE ORDER manuscript is sitting on my bedroom floor. GUESS WHO FEELS ACCOMPLISHED?!

In other other aspects, however, today was not a good day. I nearly passed out in choir (again. Why do I always get sick in choir? Why?!) and my mom had to come get me. Choir is first period...so I spent the rest of the day in bed. And in the bathroom. God, I hate being sick. Annnnnd then there was riding lesson. James was a turd today, and I fell off. Aaaaagain. Let me tell you, I'm getting WAY sick of having sand down my shirt/in my pants. Oh, and I have to annotate Fredrick Douglass by...Monday? Joy.

But I did bake a cake. A red velvet one. It made me happy. :D And McKenzie will be here next week, which is definitely amazing. Oh! And I got a solo in choir. That's good. I've never had a solo before.

THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS THUS: Don't do things fast or you'll kill trees. Baking makes you smile. Sickness sucks, naps are awesome. Don't procrastinate. (Yeah, right.) Today may be awful, but next week is always looking up! DECEMBER IS FOR SLEEPING.

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