Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thing I've Learned #57: Giving Really Is Better Than Receiving

I gave Sarah her Christmas present yesterday. Definitely got the reaction I was looking for. :) I don't think I've ever seen her so excited. That's why I love Christmas so much. I love making my friends so happy!

Wow, a lot happened yesterday, now that I think about it. We were supposed to leave for a family get together yesterday night, but there was a blizzard where we were going in we stayed. And so mom and Sarah and I went to see the Princess and the Frog instead. YAY I LOVE DISNEY. It was cute and sad and the bad guy was actually scary. Like it's supposed to be. Ah, good old Disney. We also briefly discussed weddings. I decided I'm getting married on a boat. And not a cruise ship, either. A frigate. Definitely. When we got home, I had a date with a mug of hot chocolate and my NaNovel manuscript. It turned out better than I was afraid it would, but not as good as I had hoped. But that's the life of a writer, of course!

Today I drove to Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast. Really it was more like lunch, since I didn't get up until 11. And then I worked a lot. Yuck, stupid, stupid timeline project! But I read some, too. The other book I got Sarah besides False Colors was the 7th Morganville book. Which she was kind enough to lend me, because she's in the middle of another book right now. And reading this, even only halfway through, it has solidified my suspicion that I will end up marrying someone as crazy as Myrnin. If you know what I'm talking about, you'll understand and pity me. You'll also understand when I say I don't mind, as long as I get to share his clothes. ;)

And tomorrow, I am taking back my Sundays. Hey, that's a band, isn't it? Well, no allusion intended, but what I meant was that Sarah and I used to hang out every Sunday, and we haven't done so in...months. But tomorrow we're going to lunch, and I think she's staying over. Oh, how I love Christmas break!

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