Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thing I've Learned #51: I WILL NEVER LEARN!

I will never learn that procrastination is a bad thing. Here I am, 28 pages into Frederick Douglass. 75 more to go. Bye bye, weekend! And that make up work from when I was sick Tuesday! Yep, haven't even started it. And it's due tomorrow. I think I'll do it at lunch.

I will never learn that turning myself into a drooling fangirl is NOT A GOOD THING. But in all honesty, I spent the most productive 15 minutes of my life on last night. My friends say, "Get it published, Alyssa!" And I say, "Are you nuts?! My characters spend half their time screwing each other! And they're men!" But you know what I learned? PEOPLE ACTUALLY PUBLISH THAT STUFF. Mind. Blown. I suppose I should have known, right? Well, I didn't, okay? And so I spent time with socks shoved up my nose to stop the bleeding while looking through a veritable MOTHERLOAD of M/M novels. My life is now complete. Or it will be as soon as I can get my sneaky, twisted, fangirl hands on some of these.

I will never learn that riding my 'tard of a pony is probably not the smartest nor the sanest thing to do. He had a O-M-G-W-T-F-THAT-POLE-WILL-EAT-ME moment today. Aaaand, as is becoming painfully common (pun intended) I bit the dirt. Quiet literally. Tore open my lip and nearly knocked out my front tooth. And I mean literally nearly knocked it out because now it's all wiggly. The dentist, however, said it would be fine. Nevertheless, I will look GORGEOUS tomorrow, with a swollen, busted lip and bruised chin. And that wiggly tooth.

In the words of John Adams: "Oh good God!"

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