Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thing I've Learned #58: Never Start Cleaning Unless You Intend to do so Thoroughly

Today was a good day. Didn't get any work done, but went to church, to lunch, and the barn Christmas party. Lunch was great. There's an amazing little tapas bar downtown called Cafe Tu Tu Tango. It's furnished with artwork from local artists, and the food is great. The creme brulee: awesome. Sarah came with, of course. Barn party was at four, and we rode bareback for a while. Which was interesting. I, having a strong sense of self preservation, did NOT ride James. Tessa is a lot calmer and wider (and therefore more comfortable.) We had an egg and spoon race on horseback, which was...interesting. I was wearing furry boots while riding, and Tessa kept turning around to nibble on them. It was cute. :) Then we did the gift exchange, which wasn't that exciting, but the one family at the barn gave Kate a computer. THAT was exciting. It was a used computer, but it was really sweet of them. The barn office doesn't have a computer, so it will make things a whole lot easier for her. Then home for a shower, because Sarah is staying over. She's on her way now, actually, but that's not the point of my lesson.

The point is this: I got out of the shower with the intention to pick up my horrible room before Sarah came over. What resulted was a rampage. My room is now completely spotless. I think it's a girl thing. We only MEAN to pick up the dirty clothes on the floor, but then we notice there are books on the floor, and when we put those away we notice the books on the bookshelves are crooked, and then we tidy up all the messy papers on our desk, and then we clean off the dresser... It's like the "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" thing.

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