Monday, December 14, 2009

Thing I've Learned #55: Boats are Awesome

Wow, I SO don't have time for this right now. Too much freaking homework. Ick. But in short, this is what's happened to me since last I spoke.

Wednesday: Best friend McKenzie was down from Pennsylvania. Went to Magic Kingdom with her and Sarah. Watched parades and fireworks; acted like six year olds.
Thursday: Got my books in the mail. Read one at school, started the other one at home. Went to my choir concert, sung my solo, didn't die. Aunt and little cousin came.
Friday: Left school early to catch cruise ship. Saw dolphins, felt seasick, took Dramamine. Read. Watched the ocean.
Saturday: Got to Nassau, wanted to kiss the ground. Saw fish. And a sea turtle. Finished second book, started third.
Sunday: CocoCay. Sat on the touristy excuse for a beach and read. Finished third book. Went back and read the end of the second one again. Giggled madly. Took a kayak ride. Stayed up far too late to watch the meteor shower.
Today: Got up at o' God thirty to get off the ship. Stopped for breakfast, went home to get school stuff, went to school. Aunt and cousin left. Parents choir concert. Sarah and I wrote a conversation on the program.

And now, I should be studying for my math test, or doing my APUSH ID list. But no...I think I'll go re-read one of my books again. I'm dead serious when I say I've never been so entertained in my life. Oh, I adore the British Navy. Did you know that if two men were caught in a relationship they'd be hanged? How exciting!

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