Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thing I've Learned #1: Sanity is Not All It's Cracked Up to Be

We live in a fascinating world, my friends, and if you're too busy being 'normal,' how can you possible hope to enjoy it?! For instance: today I saw a grown woman ride across a parking lot on a shopping cart. Kudos to you, lady. Anyway, my point here is that it's perfectly acceptable to reject reality. That's why I'm a writer, see, I get to ignore reality on a daily basis. I also get to stay up until 2:00 AM claiming 'inspiration.' So, you ask, what IS this blog going to be about. Sanity, more like the lack there of, to put it in a sentence. More specifically, this blog is about my view of the world: the pretty bits, the ugly bits, the truth and the lies, the awe and the disappointment. It will also probably be a lot about my word babies.
Let me tell you something about writers.
We are a strange species, us writers. One of our more peculiar and potentially irritating quirks is that we think of our characters as real people. And to us, they are. They are our children, and we love them as such. My friends (who are also afflicted with the writing curse) and I discuss our characters as if we had just finished having a face-to-face conversation with them. Another habit that often accompanies this is the tendency to speak to your characters out loud. I heard a story once that explains this phenomenon perfectly. A woman speaks of how her husband had become used to her talking to her characters while she writes. But one day, he asked her why she didn't just talk to them in her head. Her response? "Because they won't LISTEN!"
My purpose for informing you of this is that I am as likely to talk about my beloved characters as I am to talk about my family and friends. But enough for now, I assure you I'll be speak much more about writing once November rolls around. November, by the way, is National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for those of us who brave it's insanity.
Another thing I believe I will speak on frequently is history. I, oddities of oddities, actually LIKE history. Gasp. As a result, I tend to rant on subjects that I am passionate about. So I apologize if you have any qualms against learning something new and/or interesting. But don't worry too much, I promise it won't read like a lecture. I only talk about the things I love. Like Spartans. I love Spartans. 300 is my second favorite movie in the world. Truthfully, my favorite thing about watching it is hearing the horrified, squeaky cries my mother makes when that one guy whose name I never remember gets his head cut off. It makes me laugh, and then she makes more horrified noises because she thinks that I'm laughing at the dead guy. I love my mom. Actually, that wasn't truthfully. That was a lie. The #1 reason I love watching that movie is because damn, those guys are hot. It delights me that they seem to have miraculously lost their breastplates. The #2 reason I love watching that movie is my mother.
So now you know what you're getting in to (more or less.) The only thing I can assure you with any amount of certainty is that my posts will cover many, many more topics than the ones I touched on. Like Batman. Batman wins at life.

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