Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thing I've Learned #4: Leonidas Sucks as a Pokemon Trainer

I have a new best friend. For the past several weeks I've been having a conversation via science table with a person, who I believe is a fellow female due to the loopy-ness of their handwriting. It began like this: my biology table mates, as I have oft complained, are utter ass hats. Out of boredom and exasperation, I scrawled "Optimus Prime is full of win!" on the table top. She replied, "You're full of win."
The rest of the conversation was as follows:
"Why thank you. So are you."
"What's your name?"
It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. That conversation was, unfortunately, erased, but I, now known as Megatron, was determined to start another. Monday (after watching 300 on Friday) I wrote, "This is madness!" hoping for the response of "This is SPARTA!" This is what I got:
"Yeah, I'm looking for some new career opportunities and I'm thinking of working for Leonidas."
"Really? Cool. I worked for him for a while, but he sucks as a Pokemon trainer."
"That's a shame. I wonder if Captain Kirk has any positions open?"

I can't wait to go back tomorrow.

Speaking of Leonidas. As I have mentioned many, many times already, 300 was on TV on Friday. I taped it on my DVR as well as watched it. Today is Wednesday, and every Wednesday my parents go to choir practice at church and I am left in blessed solitude for several hours. I was going to watch 300 again, this time with the volume up all the way to scare the neighbors. After school I watched a taped episode of Design Star with my mother, and discovered that my father had deleted 300. I am pissed. I am ROYALLY pissed. However, I do have A Cinderella Story taped as well. 300 it is not. But hey, I'm all for a cheesy chick flick!

One last thought on Optimus Prime and fellow transformers. I was in Walmart today with my mother and Sarah. We discovered the children's Halloween costumes. Guess who I'm going to be for Halloween?! xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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