Monday, September 28, 2009

Thing I've Learned #14: I Have No Reason Or Desire To Go To Cat Lady Training School

Mom and I were talking about colleges today. I keep getting letters and emails from Stevens (or maybe it's Stephens) College. It is an all girls school. My mom thinks I should look at it, because she thinks I could get a scholarship. I keep saying no. Today, mom said "But they let you keep pets in your dorm! You could get a kitty!" I said, "Mom, there's no boys, and they let you have cats. I don't need to be a cat lady in training! I intend to defy my fate as long as possible!" She laughed.

Let me be honest: the idea of college makes me want to pee three shades of purple. That much work with that little supervision is like, a procrastinator's worst (or best) nightmare. However, my father, being an MIT graduate, has some pretty funny stories of campus mischief and overall college hilarity. I'm torn. But I have come to this decision: whatever college I go to must be awesome. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. It must also not be in Florida.

I still have a Homecoming hangover. And no, I don't mean an alcohol hangover. I mean an ugh-I-danced-for-four-hours-straight-and-didn't-get-home-until-2 hangover. I'm still recuperating from that atrocious lack of sleep. On that note, Homecoming was pretty freaking amazing. Aside from all the grinding. I mean really, guys. It's not even fit to be called dancing anymore. It's with clothes on. Oh, for the days of the minuet... If a guy at a school dance ever asks me to waltz, I will ask him to marry me on the spot. On the flip side of that disgusting mess, there was totally awesome food, the dance being circus themed. Emily and I had cotton candy. I wanted popcorn, but was afraid it would make me barf if I continued to dance. There was also ice cream. And chocolate fondue fountains. Win.

Yesterday, I bought a huge bottle of Mr. Bubble. Today I had a bubble bath. It completely made my day. I think I was in the tub for at least an hour. It's amazing what warm water, a little soap, and a good book can do to improve your mood. Sarah and I also went to the giant Halloween store today. We tried on hats, roared at Frankenstein, I tried to kill her with a wooden sword, and she displayed her sick sense of humor. I bought a tube of blue lipstick. I'm not exactly sure why.

Today in Chinese, we had to do a "complete the dialogue" worksheet. I worked with Caelin. The first sentence was, "Where does your boyfriend work?" Our answer? "He is Santa Claus." I am now sure I have a firm grasp of the Chinese language.

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