Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thing I've Learned #12: I Am In Need of a Gay Best Friend

There are no hot guys at my school. It's utterly unfair. Some are sort of cute, but none of the guys I know, of course. My classes are full of jerks or nerds. Not that I mind nerds. In fact, I rather like them. They just aren't cute. Well some of them are, but the ones in my school aren't. Why bring this up? Glee was on last night, and since we TiVo it, I just got around to watching it tonight. :D If Kurt was not gay, I would marry him. As is, I'd be fine with being his best friend. As long as I could borrow his clothes. Lord I need a gay best friend. Seriously. I hear they make wicked shopping buddies.

I had riding lesson today, and my pony was awesome. I'm so proud of him; he's getting over his irrational fear of jumps. But he's still terrified of Judy's chicken. None the less, I am filled with a healthy amount of apprehension about taking him to an away show next month. Eep! He could win, you know, because he's wicked fast. He's just...terrified of everything. It's actually quite funny. Well, sometimes. His freak outs get old really fast.

I finally talked to McKenzie today. I suppose ranted at is probably a more accurate verb. She actually asked me to tell her about my story. Bad idea, my dear. I think we talked for two hours, and I only told her the basics. I'm such a doting mother.

I have lost all respect for my APUSH teacher, Mr. Lange. He doesn't know what Yu-Gi-Oh is.

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