Friday, September 18, 2009

Thing I've Learned #6: Weekends Are a Gift From God

I don't have too terribly much to talk about today. I'm just extremely glad that it's Friday. As a follow up from yesterday, I came to school to find a gigantic hole in the courtyard where the offending bubbling sidewalk was. I still say ninja turtles. Emily claims they're burying a body. Chelsea swears it's the mole people. Aside from that (or really in addition to that) today was good. No math homework, hung out with Sarah after school. We spent like, an hour in the bookstore. I got a gajillion books. I love books. And then we watched 1776, which is probably my favorite musical ever. "Goddammit, it's a revolution, you're going to have to offend somebody!" I suspect that my father is John Adams reincarnated. Or an alien. He might be an alien.

Tomorrow I have to get up (relatively) early for a three hour choir retreat: not fun. E.B's birthday party is tomorrow evening: fun. Have to clean my room before I can go: not fun. Will probably watch Aladdin/Sinbad/Winnie the Pooh/Troy: fun.

Watch movies the rest of the weekend: fun.

Is it just me, or are these blogs getting significantly shorter?

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