Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thing I've Learned #5: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Live Under My School

They didn't believe me. For the past week, there have been mysterious bubbles floating up from the extremely shallow puddle on the sidewalk in front of our lunch spot, and my friends didn't believe me. I am certain it is Ninja Turtles. Every time I pointed it out, as soon as they would turn around, the bubbles would stop.

Michelangelo, he mocks me.

Anyway. Today at lunch, mid-conversation, I made a strangled squeaky sort of noise and pointed, yet again, at the bubbles. This time, my friends actually caught it. We watched, and a minute or so later a couple of plumbers came up and started poking at where ever the heck those bubbles were coming from. Lunch ended. At the end of the day, Sarah and I discovered the mysterious tract of sidewalk fenced off, and the sound of a jackhammer on the air.

They're just jealous because they don't know nun chucks from a katana.

In other not-as-exciting news: our choir teacher told us to make animal noises today; I was a dinosaur. My biology teacher likes David Bowie and making dead baby jokes. Today was picture day, and I'm sure my smile will come out looking maniacal, as usual. Kate my riding instructor has bad luck. My spazz-tastic pony was spazz-tastic as usual, but also braver than usual. He jumped an oxer with flowers underneath. I am very proud. I ordered my class ring; I'm more excited about the ring pop they gave me than the actual ring. Played the piano with my dad for half an hour, which was fun, because I haven't touched the beastly thing in ages. I have math homework, but hell with it because I'm tired beyond belief and tomorrow is FRIDAY! Thank god.

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